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1. See Your True Amazon Profits

Instantly see how much profit you’re making on Amazon. Enter your product costs and see immediately in real-time your sales, profit, ROI, margins, promotion performance, and refunds by product or brand, by any date range.

2. Get More Reviews and Seller Feedback

Automate customer follow-up messages on Amazon with SellerMail . Offer better customer service, get more reviews, and get more seller feedback - automatically. Use pre-built templates or write your own emails and watch your brand grow.

3. Access Your Full Customer Database

See a complete list of all your Amazon customers, including repeat buyers, anytime you want. Fully searchable by name, product, geography, or date. Fully downloadable by SKU, date ranges, amount spent, refund status, and more.

4. Easy Accounting and Financial Analysis

Access accurately reconciled financial breakdowns. See the real picture of your Amazon finances for any date range. See graphs to visually spot trends in your Amazon business so you can act to increase sales and profits.


A software suite for Amazon sellers, built by real Amazon sellers.

SELLER TOOLS: Profit Dashboard, Stats, Graphs, Customers, Feedback, Reviews, Inventory

We call it Seller Tools, because every aspect of this program is designed to help Amazon sellers. This is ManageByStats, the core suite – the product around which our other, specialized services are built. Seller Tools incorporate a multitude of features and tools to manage your Amazon business, and that list is constantly evolving:

Profit Dashboard - enter your costs, see at-a-glance real-time Profit, ROI and Margins for products and brands; view by multiple date ranges, compare Today, Yesterday, etc.

Statistical Management - easily oversee sales, refunds, promos, ads costs and all Amazon fees; view by Statement Period, custom or selected date ranges.

Historical Graphs View - visually spot trends and review performance for any metric or group of metrics for any period and any product(s) or brand(s).

Product Grouping & Management - intelligently organize your products within each brand using our exclusive Product Line feature.

Customer Database - match customers with order history; see transactions, repeat buyers, create lists based on product purchases, spend amount, refunds and more.

Transactions Database - quickly view and sort transactions by date, product, buyer, type (Order, Refund, Fee, etc.); generate reports in spreadsheet format.

Feedback & Reviews Monitoring - see feedback and reviews for all your products, link directly to each Feedback in Seller Central, use Feedback in customer filters and in ManageByStats’ email auto-responder.

Inventory Management - better inventory oversight, restock alerts and more.

SELLERMAIL™ is our advanced email auto responder tool for all levels of Amazon Sellers

When a sale occurs on Amazon, SellerMail™ can automatically schedule and send out a sequence of emails to the buyer, while giving you full control of what is sent, when, with customized email sequences for Brands, product lines or individual products. Here are just a few of the features included:

Trigger emails by Order Received by Amazon, Order shipped (by Amazon or Merchant), Shipment Out for Delivery and by Shipment Delivered.

Create email templates or email sequences to be sent based on Brand, ASIN or SKU.

Use mail-merge style variables to include First Name, Order ID, feedback links, shipment tracking numbers etc. in your emails automatically.

Have only certain emails triggered if a customer buys multiple products in the same order.

Set the delay for each email after each of these triggers, from no delay to any number of days.

See all scheduled emails and edit or delete delivery.

Split-test different emails or email sequences.

Use different Logos and email formatting based on Brand, with a separate profile for each send-from email address.

Automatically send the right emails based on Refund status, Repeat Buyer status.

Include attachments to emails.

Automatically include individual coupon codes.

See delivery and open statistics for each email template…. and much more.

ADVERTISING MANAGER - get clarity on your campaigns with Saved Filters, Bid History, Scheduling, Date Comparisons, Target ACoS

Get full transparency into your Amazon Sponsored Ads with our advanced features:

Effortlessly review and make changes that update Seller Central immediately.

Take the time out of doing your routine keyword bid adjustments with Saved Filters/Views. Set your filters, save the View, and with a click of a button you can see which keywords need to be addressed newly.

Additionally, we provide pre-saved Views of which keywords are costing you the most money, and which are making you the most.

See your Keyword Bid History graphed, so you know if your adjustments are improving things, or if you need to adjust things in the other direction.

Schedule keywords to Pause or Boost bids on any hourly schedule you like, to get the most out of your ad spend dollars.

Set your Target ACoS (what you'd like it to get to) and we'll show you how much you're gaining or losing compared to that, instead of just working off of ACoS.

Automatic Bid Adjustments can be turned on after setting a Target ACoS so our AI system will start adjusting your bids every day to get them to meet your Target ACoS.

KEYWORD TRACKING - see rank history/trend, Best Seller Rank, Reviews, Stars, Split Testing

Master keywords with insight into ranking for any keyword and any product, while also tracking effects of split test changes to your products.

See which keywords you rank for organically and target these for better advertising bid effectiveness.

With rank history you can add markers for changes made to see if they help or hurt your rankings.

See, daily, your number of reviews and star rating for a fast analysis if your sales volume changes.




Integrated Tools

When it comes to finding out what’s really going on in your Amazon business and automating growth, there is no more powerful resource than ManageByStats (MBS). This is truly a software suite for Amazon sellers, built by real Amazon sellers.

The founder of MBS, Philip Jepsen, started building software for his own Amazon business years ago because he got tired of doing everything manually and knew there had to be a better way. So he built a set of tools to help him manage his Amazon business.

Multiple tools, working together, in one place. From the beginning ManageByStats has been developed around the concept of placing multiple high quality resources together for managing your Amazon business in one platform.

It's web-based, requires no installations, is mobile friendly, and works globally - see it all, use it all, do it all with one simple login. MBS is your all-in-one resource for Amazon management and expansion.


Log in once. Do it all.

  • EVALUATE: Our fully automated real-time evaluation tools show your profits, factoring in fees, shipping, PPC, promos, tax, and cost of goods.
  • ZERO IN: Easily see which brands or products need attention, how they are ranking and how their advertising campaigns are performing.
  • EXECUTE: With highly secure and immediate connections to your Seller Central account, you can make changes from ManageByStats which take effect instantly in Seller Central.
  • AUTOMATE: Our tools introduce automation to your Amazon business. Take the time out of PPC management; automate your email responses and feedback requests; automatically update your customer lists, and more.
  • MONITOR: Track keyword rankings with our at-a-glance display, use graphs for Key Performance Indicators, track sales trends, place date markers for significant changes for split testing, and see how your competitors are ranking.



Superb from day 1!! From the very first time I signed up with ManageByStats, it's been and continues to be an amazing and impressive suite!! Makes management, reporting metrics, tracking and more a lot easier, tangible and visible! And when you top this off with customer support that should probably win an award, you know you have a first-class service.
As an Amazon business owner, it can be mind-blowing the number of tools out there for you to choose from and for me, ManageByStats encapsulates the 80% for running my Amazon business.

Amazon Seller

Joey Shepp

ManageByStats saves me hours every day as my go-to Amazon Seller performance dashboard. As my Amazon Seller business continued to grow, I found myself spending way too much time collecting data from various Amazon reports and manually inputting them into my own spreadsheets, just to see how my products were performing. As my sales grew and my products multiplied, I was going crazy trying to make sense of it all. I registered, linked up my Amazon Seller API and within days I had all my historical sales data organized and easy to read. I could now see performance on a per-product basis, see who my top customers are and many more useful data points. Now that I’m a few months in, I couldn’t imagine running my business without ManageByStats.

DailyNutra CEO – Amazon Seller


Manage by stats has helped me to be able to see the status of my business in real time. I love that I am able to see the individual sales of each product throughout the day, and how I am able to compare stats from the previous day, week, month and year! I also love the easy (and price!) of SellerMail! It's an amazing value and a really valuable tool! I highly recommend ManageByStats and Sellermail to all Amazon sellers. :-)

Stacy L. – Amazon Seller

Henry C.

ManageByStats is great! We love it because it connects to Amazon directly and puts all the important data we need into one easy-to-use interface. All the data that we need to make important decisions are right there for us to look at. No need to log into Amazon to generate reports that are impossible to understand.

Amazon Seller


I was lucky enough to hear about Manage By Stats in early 2017. When it was first launched I heard good things, but now it is even better! Initially I enjoyed the Profit/Loss Dashboard to help me with organization, but as I explored the possibilities I have fallen in love with their Email services to help target my customers better. Great service for the price!

Amazon Seller

Shelby M.

I’m facing a huge learning curve navigating both Seller Central and ManageByStats as a newbie Amazon seller. I’m so grateful for the kind folks like Chris at ManageByStats, who not only took the time to explain features in the MBS system, but also took the time to explain and diagram how those features work in Seller Central. So not only am I benefitting from ManagebyStats, I’m also getting better at Seller Central. Thanks Chris and crew!

Amazon Seller


For me personally, I haven't used ALL of the MBS services yet but what I have used so far has been really effective. I really like the fact that I can find customers so easily. When there's an off chance that I got a poor product review, I snoop around until I can find who that person is. If I'm able to glean a name somewhere, I use MBS to find that order and to see what they got and then reach out to them directly to solve the issue. For the most part, I was able to turn a 1 star review into a 4 or 5 star by following up and giving them the solid customer service that we pride ourselves on. Thanks for a solid product that is reliable, thorough and affordable.

Amazon Seller

Chelsea Cohen

ManageByStats helps me to view my Amazon business easily and quickly in one place. It is simple to navigate and presents information that is highly valuable to making decisions. It saves time and paints a more complete picture of what my business actually looks like and what to focus on in order to get the most out of it. Statistics are vital to running a business and the ManageByStats system makes it possible.

Amazon Seller

Chris Manderino

Managed by Stats has been a powerful tool in our Amazon strategy. I'm impressed with the features they continue to add to help sellers adapt to the ever-changing Amazon algorithm. Their Seller Mail feature has been a game changer in helping us to effectively communicate with our customers. Also, their weekly newsletters are both insightful and entertaining. Keep up the great work!

Amazon Seller


Besides all of the terrific tools that ManageByStats offers, their support has been world class. It is highly unusual these days to have a company provide the level of phone support and follow up that MBS does. They go overboard in helping you solve any problems that occur and in providing resources to enable you to stay ahead of the game. Highly recommend you give MBS a try.

Amazon Seller

Make More Profit on Amazon, Automatically.
FREE 14-Day Trial

ManageByStats is fully secure and cloud-based
- access your account from anywhere, anytime.

All plans start with a free 14-Day Trial, no credit card required.


$ 309 .97/mo

profit dashboard
Follow Up Email Autoresponder
– 30,000/Mo
keyword tracking
– 1,500 Keywords
supports multiple seller accounts
(5 seller accounts)
PPC Management Tool
Supports All Amazon Marketplaces
Customer Database
Transactions Database
Additional Users
- 5 included
See more features included
Product Finder Tool
custom audience generator
Feedback collection & monitoring
review collection & monitoring
full statistical financial breakdown
graphs trend view
inventory management
Product Tagging
bulk email system (sellerBlast)
free chrome extension
university training videos
administrator & guest user management
affiliate system
product FINDER

This is a product research tool that lets you search and filter products that are Best Sellers on Amazon. The list is updated daily and contains data on more than 300,000 bestselling products on Amazon and their estimated monthly units sold and revenue, so you can get a clear idea of what your first, or next product could be.


Master keywords with insight into ranking for any keyword and any product, while also tracking effects of split test changes to your products. Track your competitor's ranking for keywords to find gaps in the market for faster ranking efforts.

ADvertising Manager

Get full transparency into your Amazon Sponsored Ads; effortlessly review and make changes, and take the time out of doing your routine keyword bid adjustments. See bid history, date comparisons; set a target ACoS and automate bidding; and schedule ads as desired.

inventory manager

Track your FBA inventory; set restock lead times and get notifications and prediction of restocking. Control your inventory during launches with easy access max quantity settings.


Accurate, to the penny breakdown, of all financials for sales, refunds, promos, ads costs and all Amazon fees; view by statement period, custom, or selected date ranges.


See feedback, use feedback in customer filters and in ManageByStats’ email auto-responder. See your reviews at a glance, sort by star rating to take fast action for negative ratings.

Trusted by the World's top Amazon business advisors


Today, MBS is a powerful collection of integrated software tools to make managing and scaling your Amazon business incredibly easy and as automated as possible, for maximum profits, enabling entrepreneurs to live the lifestyle they want.

MBS is a full-featured suite of software tools to grow your Amazon sales and profits. We’re regularly upgrading and adding new features, responding to feedback, and helping Amazon sellers around the world get the absolute most from their businesses.

In the five years since our inception ManageByStats has grown to thousands and thousands of users around the world and dozens of team members.  We’re global.  Our HQ is in sunny Florida, but we have offices on both coasts of the US and in Europe.


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